So the snow has arrived, and winter is upon us.

No more mosquitoes right? Where have they gone? Did they migrate south for the winter? Maybe heading down to the beaches in Florida, while you are enjoying the outdoor activities like skiing, or sled riding. Understand where mosquitoes go!

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects.
This means their body temperatures are determined by the outside temps. So when temperatures reach a certain temperature outside (20 degrees) mosquitoes will hibernate. They look for holes or look for shelter under heavy leaf clutter. Cleaning leaf piles prior to winter will help aid in reducing habitat for mosquitoes.

Life Cycle of a Mosquito
Mosquitoes have four life cycles. Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult.  Understanding the life cycle aids in best management practices.

Mosquitoes in the Winter

Breeding of Mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes lay eggs in the fall time. These eggs are laid in shallow water. All mosquitoes need water to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes aren’t strong flyers, in fact they stay pretty close to water so that after a much needed blood meal they can return and lay eggs. Female mosquitoes are the ones who do the biting. Eliminating standing water will help reduce the population of mosquitoes.

Enjoy the winter and prepare for the spring.

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