Winter can be long and hard to your landscape and lawn.

While snow plows make it easy to remove snow from your driveway sometimes damage may occur. This is more common than you may realize. In defense to the ones who snow plow, sometimes when we receive a lot of snow at one time it becomes difficult to know where the lawn begins and where it ends. Never-the-less the damage is done. So what do you do now that the snow is melting and you see this:

How to Fix Plow Damage

Plow damage to the lawn. How do I fix this you may ask? Well, you have 2 options. The first option is to call the company who provides snow removal and have them repair the damage. This could be a long and daunting process as you are at the mercy of their time. The longer the damage sits the more prone it is to weeds and crabgrass invading. The 2 nd option is to wait until the temperatures warm up in early spring and re-seed it yourself. Now even more options and decisions on how to fix any damaged area. Whenever possible I recommend sod, but a lot of times the piece of sod will not fit exactly. This will take some measuring and cutting into sections to fix correctly. The other option is to rake out damaged area and put down fresh top soil and seed accordingly. Remember to use a sunny mix grass seed for areas that are in direct sun and shade seed if the area is in full shade. The key to any seeding is to make sure you water during the hot months. Both sod and seed will require adequate moisture during its first year. The amount you water will depend on the amount of moisture or rain the lawn receives.

Here are a couple ways to help avoid plow damage in the future:
First, figure out how many stakes you need for your driveway and sidewalks. Make sure you mark patios, and any other areas that may be damaged by plow or even snow blowers. Use stakes at curves, to mark ditches, retaining walls, stumps, boulders or other features that could create hazards when covered with snow.

Next, Purchase snow markers that are bright in color and easily seen in a snow storm. Be sure to purchase a few extra in case some break during winter season. Then, Place into ground, if the ground is frozen, simply use a screwdriver and hammer or something similar to puncture deep enough to start the hole. Make sure to place stakes about 1’ to 2’ inches from driveway to allow car doors to open with ease.

Please don’t hesitate to call MissionGreen Services if you have any questions or concerns this spring.

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