A low-maintenance and beautiful front yard is possible in New England. With the right plants and simple updates, you can enjoy a gorgeous yard without having to skip any beach days tending it. We’ve compiled a few tips for a yard that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Invest in Drought-Tolerant Plants.
Drought-tolerant plants are a must-have in New England, and not just because they conserve water. These plants are low-maintenance and will survive during those vacations when no one is home to tend to the yard. A few favorite perennials are:

  • Artemisia:
 Artemisia has a silvery foliage making it a wonderful accent plant for summer.


  • Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia): 
These tall golden yellow flowers increase their footprint year to year creating a sea of eye-popping color.


  • Catmint (Nepeta)
: Catmint is a versatile and hearty purple flower capable of growing in many soil types.


  • Coreopsis: 
Another yellow flower powerhouse with long-lasting blooms, Coreopsis is a great pollinator-friendly plant.


  • Deadnettle (Lamium): 
Deadnettle tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions and even grows well in shade.


  • Coneflower (Echinacea): This is an excellent pollinator-friendly plant that spreads out over time with long-lasting purple flowers.


Contain It.
Placing a container garden at the entrance to your house or along the walkway is a quick and affordable way to create visual interest. Chose planters of various heights and finishes to add some texture but don’t forget to take the color and style of the house into consideration. Ultra modern planters might look out of place outside of a Victorian style house so be sure to choose accordingly. Similarly, mix foliage plants together with bright colored flowers for contrast and maximum impact.

Another way to contain growth and keep your lawn from invading your flowerbeds or walkways is to add edging. Edging looks tidy, adds texture and interesting detail. Bricks are a traditional edging, but wood slats or timber cut at different heights can add a unique look.

Let It Grow.
Finally, having a lush green lawn is paramount for head-turning curb appeal. Avoid having your grass cut too short to avoid the blades from burning in the sun. Even more importantly, slightly taller grass blades develop deeper and more spread-out root systems. A healthy route system will penetrate deeper and draw more water from a larger area. More root space also increases water storage and nutrient uptake, improving your lawn’s drought tolerance.

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