Do I remove all those leave or don’t I? That is the question! Many homeowners in Western Massachusetts are scrambling to rake, bag and remove the last few leaves on the lawn. But is it necessary to remove all the leaves on my lawn? The short answer is no, however, this does come with a few disclaimers.

Leaves in small amounts can actually be beneficial to the turf and soil. Leaves contain nutrients and organic matter which, when broken down, will benefit your lawn and soil. Some leaf types have even shown to reduce weed seed populations in the lawn when mulched into the turf, while other leaves have been able to supply your lawn with some added nitrogen as we approach winter months.

Mulching and Removing Leaves

So, is your lawn more than 30% covered by leaves? If you answered yes, it may be a good idea to remove them. Your best options for leaf remove options, in this case, will be a rake or leaf blower – either will get the job done! For lawns with fewer than 30% leaf coverage, I prefer mulching the leaves with a mower. This method will finely chop the leaves into small pieces. You may even consider multiple passes across the lawn to really chop up those leaves and an additional mowing later in the week.

“I’ve raked up large piles of leaves, now what?”

fall yard workOnce you’ve completed your fall leaf clean-up, you have a few options:

  1. You can compost the leaves or dispose of them.
  2. You can use the leaves as mulch cover in your landscape.
  3. Bag them and bring to your town dump or your town garbage collection may pick them up curbside.

What are the cons if I do not remove the leaves on my turf? First, excessive leaf coverage on your lawn as we go into the winter months can smother the grass prohibiting new growth in spring. Second, a lot of leaves on the lawn will prevent sunlight to your grass plant. This will have a negative effect on the life of your lawn. Third, this can increase your chances of snow mold disease in the lawn come springtime. Finally, more leaves on the lawn can potentially lead to mice harboring, voles and even ticks!

fall family timeHave some fun!

Make leaf clean-up a family event! This promotes healthy living while enhancing your quality of life. Do you remember raking a big pile of leaves and jumping in them? Create memories and traditions that will last a lifetime.

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