Being in the lawn care industry, especially in the Northeast, I often get asked, “What do you guys do during the offseason?” Well, that’s a great question! There is more that goes on behind the scenes during offseason lawn care months than you might guess. I’ll start off by saying, the first thing is we take a deep breath and book a trip South! I wish!

Contrary to belief, unlike birds, we do not head south for the winter. However, the offseason lawn care months are a very popular time for lawn care providers to take some vacation.

In reality, the end of the season simply means the beginning of preparations for the for the next season!

Lawn Care Productslawn fertilizer

Our off-season preparations begin by taking a look back at the season and analyzing our products. We want to identify which products excelled and which products won’t make the cut for the next season. I am always researching new products and looking for ways to improve our program effectiveness.

The next step I take towards improving product performance is to meet with several vendors and start the planning process. I’ll also visit these manufacturing companies to ensure products are of the best quality. In order for MissionGreen to provide superior results, our lawn care products are a top priority in the off-season.

offseason lawn care trainingOffseason Lawn Care Training and Planning

Some lawn and landscape companies end the season and roll right into snow removal during the winter. As a seasonal business, we do not offer snow care services. Therefore we take advantage of the winter months with winter training and planning. During this time, we take a deep dive into training both in-house and local educational opportunities. Local lawn care seminars are a fantastic way for our field staff to hone in on their skills. In addition, these training sessions allow us to obtain credits necessary to maintain credentials/licenses.

Throughout the season we solicit feedback from customers, but we also like to do this at the end of the season. This opens up the lines of communication with our customers. We gain some valuable insight into how we can better service their lawn.

lawn care equipmentTrucks and Equipment

Providing quality service doesn’t end at products! Our trucks and equipment are another priority to make sure they are in top working condition. Along with annual inspections, we go through every piece of equipment. We install replacement parts, complete detailed cleanings and properly calibrate each piece. Trucks are detailed and all spray systems are inspected and calibrated to ensure rates are correct.

data integrityData Integrity

Last, but certainly not least, over the winter we take time to review each customer account and update notes accordingly. Contact information and other details are reviewed for accuracy and to ensure we are delivering a premium service.

Before you know it, the off-season passed in the blink of an eye and spring is right around the corner. It may not be as busy, but the offseason lawn care months allow us some much-needed preparation time to get everything lined up for a successful upcoming spring. We hope this gives you some insight into what takes place during the offseason for a lawn care company like MissionGreen!