I was walking around in my lawn over the weekend and when I was done my shoes were had some orange color on it! Upon seeing this, many homeowners might immediately question, “what’s wrong with my lawn?” Being in the lawn care industry for quite some time, I knew right away that it was rust. Let’s dive deeper into rust disease and what it means for your lawn.

What is rust in the lawn?

rust diseaseRust is a disease in the turf caused by rain and then dry periods. Slow-growing turfgrass is often infected with this disease if the weather conditions are as previously noted. An easy way to identify if your lawn has this disease is to simply walk through the grass with light-colored shoes. After walking around the lawn you might notice your shoes are orange. This is a great indication that rust disease is present. Although it looks really nasty, it is relatively harmless. It should rinse off easily with water and soap. If you have pets, simply wash off their paws before coming inside the house. Wouldn’t want this on any carpet!

Controlling rust in your lawn

MissionGreen Services recommends that as early fall approaches, mow frequently never removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a single cut. Water your lawn early in the morning so the turf has a chance to dry out before nighttime. Most lawn diseases, including rust, are most active during wet periods where water sits on the lawn for a period of time overnight.

Applying a well-balanced fertilizer will also help to grow rust out of lawns. Not to worry, this disease is short-lived and will soon pass. Lastly, if you notice rust disease in the lawn, it is a good idea to remove your clippings and wash off the mower blades after cutting the lawn. This will help reduce the disease from spreading through the lawn. If you have any questions on rust disease in your lawn, please call us at 413-998-7829.