Can you believe it, spring is here and April is a week away! As we start to approach the warmer days of spring, let’s take a look at what we can expect for our lawn and landscape. As we continue social distancing, due to the global pandemic, our yards and gardens are an outlet to reduce stress and enjoy nature. Not to mention, getting a jump start on spring cleanup is also a bonus!


Mild March, as I like to call it, has brought much warmer weather than usual for Massachusetts. An April snowstorm isn’t out of the realm of reality for us. However, continued rising temperatures will mean weeds, such as dandelion and chickweed, will germinate much earlier. I saw my first dandelion alongside a house two weeks ago!

Crabgrass will also germinate much earlier than expected. We typically see crabgrass start to germinate mid- to late May. It is so small and in its one-leaf stage, that it almost goes unnoticed. We can expect the early growth of other summer annual weeds to follow suit.

Chinch Bugs

These little guys are very difficult to see in the lawn, but boy can they cause some damage quickly. We usually only see 2 generations of this insect in a single season. I remember back in 2012 season when we had a mild March, similar to this year, and we actually saw 3 generations of Chinch Bugs. The damage from Chinch Bugs can often be mistaken for disease or even drought stress in lawns. Your trained MissionGreen Professional knows how to identify these little guys and eradicate them as well.

It’s Time to Dust Off the Mower

Unseasonable warm weather means the turf will also start growing much earlier than expected. This means it’s time to get the lawnmower ready! Remove and replace the spark plug. Do a quick oil change and check the air filter. Sharpen the mower blades or take it to a reliable place that specializes in this. Clean the mower and lubricate any necessary parts. Lastly, adjust the mower height accordingly and soon enough you will be mowing your beautiful green lawn!

Don’t Forget About Ticks

Ticks are already active and have been for quite some time this year. It’s important to know how exactly a Deer Tick survives and reproduces. Over the winter months (usually when there is adequate snowfall) the Nymph stage will remain dormant until the weather warms up. After normal New England winters, this would take place mid- to late April. However, with the lack of snow and warmer temps, we have already begun to see tick activity. Be alert and expect a larger population of ticks and other insects including mosquitos this year.

As you increase any outdoor activities that you always check for ticks – on yourself, your kids and your pets. The nymphs are looking for a food source. Have the property treated with mosquito and tick control to provide some peace of mind. Did you know that MissionGreen Services also offers an All-Natural Mosquito & Tick program that will help provide added protection? Get your FREE estimate today!

We hope you enjoy the warmer temperatures of early spring and are able to get outdoors! We’re looking forward to servicing your lawn and landscape this season and we’ll see you soon!