Have you ever noticed a thin, shiny grass-like weed that grows twice as fast in the lawn after you mow? Good chance you have what is called “Yellow Nutsedge”.

What is Nutsedge?

Yellow Nutsedge is a summer perennial that really starts to flourish for the Northeast around the 4th of July. It has a triangle stem and when rolled in the fingers can easily be felt. It is lighter in color than normal grass. So is it a weed or a grass? For most of us, it is a grassy weed and belongs to the sedge family, but not like any other weed. Different than our standard weeds which can easily be controlled, Nutsedge is a very difficult to control and can take several years of repeated applications to get adequate results.

yellow nutsedge

Why is Nutsedge so hard to control?

Lets talk about how the plant reproduces. There are a number of tubers that can be 9-10 deep in the soil. One plant can reproduce up to 1500 seeds and over 5000 tubers in a single year. Nutsedge has a root system call rhizomes, these roots will spread and produce new tubers and new plants. These tubers can remain viable in the soil for many years before every germinating. Some say it can remain in the soil for up to 10 years.

Where does it grow ?

Nutsedge likes wet soils or well irrigated lawns, and when temperatures are high 80’s and into 90 degrees. It is very tolerant to heavy rain falls.

What can I do to slow down Nutsedge in my lawn?

When you first notice Nutsedge in your lawn, you can stop watering to allow the lawn to dry out. This can slow down the reproduction of Nutsedge. There are selective herbicides that can be used to control nutsedge. Full control can take up to several years before eradicating this grassy weed.

Core Aeration and Overseeding

A thick healthy turf helps crowd out weeds, crabgrass and even nutsedge in lawn. Doing core aeration and overseeding is a beneficial and cheap way to provide a thick, healthy turf.

As always if you have questions or need help with any of your lawncare questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our professionals at MissionGreen Services. We are happy to help in identifying and developing a plan to eradicate nutsedge in your lawn.