Fall may be the season where we welcome all things spooky, but nothing is creepier than seeing bugs that should stay outside make their way into your home. Once October rolls around in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, insects scramble to find a winter getaway in cozy, unprotected houses.

Without some hardy pest control, these creepy crawlers are sure to pop up in your ceiling corners and cabinets. Take a look at these culprits that might be familiar to you and your family.

1. Stinkbugs

This common home invader is unfavored for a good reason: Their glands emit a liquid that smells like ammonia when they feel threatened or are crushed. They are easily recognizable by their shield-shaped torso and triangle design on their back. Thankfully, they can’t hurt you— but they might burn your nose hairs a bit!

lady bug

2. Asian Lady Beetles

Unfortunately, the stinkbug isn’t the only perpetrator to stink up a room. While Asian Lady Beetles look like their romanticized counterparts, ladybugs, they won’t sound pleasant for long. These insects arrive in hoards and ooze smelly liquid that stains surfaces. On top of that, they bite. So, unless you want your house smelling sour, it’s best to vacuum up these ladybug wannabes.

3. Ants

Ant colonies are one of the worst nuisances in the fall. Because autumn often brings heavy amounts of rain, ants will March right in and make their home in the tiniest nooks and crannies. Leftover food, warm temperatures, and drought will also invite them in. Ants will find nearly any reason to invade even the cleanest houses, which is why perimeter pest prevention is key to barricading your home.

silverfish4. Silverfish

If a gray bug with long antennae starts popping up in your showers and sinks, it might be the infamous silverfish. While they aren’t human biters, they definitely like to snack on books, clothing, and other starchy household items. They are especially attracted to moist areas of the house and are most likely to infest bathrooms and basements.

5. Earwigs

Have you ever heard of the notorious myth that earwigs climb into your ear when you sleep? Well, we’re happy to say that this story is NOT true. These red insects with large pincers do destroy household plants, but are mostly just a nuisance because they look unsightly. Unfortunately, when you see one, you are likely to see many more in the future, so look out for silverfish slipping in and out of your drains.

6. Spiders

Of course, you can’t forget everyone’s least favorite phobia: spiders. From Massachusetts to Rhode Island, harmless but giant arachnids like the American house spider and daddy long-legs nestle into homes for the winter (especially if they can snack on nearby insects like earwigs). You might put up spider web decorations for Halloween, but you sure don’t want real cobwebs strung in the corners of your ceiling.

centipede7. Centipedes

Not only do centipedes have dozens of little legs that would send shivers down anyone’s spine, but they also are tough biters! These long insects make their way indoors to seek warm, moist environments. However, they stay for the other pests in your home that make good meals. If you want to avoid sudden red welts, the most helpful thing to do to prevent centipedes is block other insects that act as a food source.

Unless you want your home riddled with spooky bugs for Halloween, it’s best to build a barrier against these creepy crawlers. Perimeter pest control is an effective, and long-lasting solution to prevent New England insects, spiders, and everything in-between from making their way into your house.

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