“It’s Winter! Why would I think about lawn care?” Working in the lawn care industry in the Northeast, we hear this question often! Winters in Rhode Island and Massachusetts aren’t for the faint of heart, but Spring approaches quickly. Next thing you know, dandelions are popping up and you’re tuning up your mower.

As a consumer myself, I find that after the holidays I have a sigh of relief. Then comes the question of what should I do about my lawn for the Spring? Most people’s reaction is, “I do not have to think about that until March or April.”

Truth is some homeowners are planners, while others may procrastinate. If lawn care is on your spring to-do list, check out your local lawn care companies, because more often than not, they have great deals during the winter months. Why? For us, living in the Northeast, the winter is “off-season” for Massachusetts and Rhode Island lawn care. Our hope is to get people excited for the upcoming season and think spring!

Talking to companies like ours will give you the ability to see what we have to offer for the spring and give you options to budget or prepay for your services. This is also a good time to ask any questions about lawn care or talk about any concerns you had with your lawn care company last season. Knowing Spring is around the corner (39 days!), people in the Northeast, are itching to get back outside, since we have been couped up all winter long and shoveling snow. Who wants to scramble around and talk to 3-5 companies about pricing, deals and “which is the best company for me”?

Make your lawn care plans now and you will be outside enjoying the warmer weather even sooner! In close, take a couple minutes today and next week and call our company and let’s talk about what you are looking for, what your budget is, and what we have to offer to meet your needs. We can be reached at (413) 998-7829 for Massachusetts lawn care, (401) 475-9884 for Rhode Island lawn care or via email: getgreen@missiongreenservices.com .

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Author: Suzanne Spinelli, Senior Sales Executive