Just because it’s February doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your yard. Finding lawn care might not be the first on everyone’s winter agenda, but it’s actually the best time to find a lawn care program that suits your needs!

If spring is for fertilizing and summer is for watering, then winter is for preparation for the coming year. Rhode Island residents should get ahead of the game and find a lawn care company that best matches their needs as soon as possible. Let’s talk about why winter is the perfect season to sign up for a lawn care program.

There’s a higher demand than ever for lawn care services.

Did you know that the COVID-19 pandemic actually caused a surge in demand for lawn care? When you think about it, it makes sense: with more people working from home, who wouldn’t prefer to have a lush lawn outside their window?

On top of this, the lawn care industry is expected to grow by 10% in the next ten years! As generations get older, more and more homeowners are calling on lawn care professionals to handle the hefty brunt work in the turf.

So why does this matter to you?

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Once the frost thaws and spring hits, lawn care companies around Rhode Island are expected to be at their busiest time ever. This means that it might be harder to claim a spot in a lawn care program near you.

Once the warm weather hits, no lawn care business can ensure that your spot won’t be filled. Make certain that you’ll have a spot in a lawn care program this upcoming season by acting early and beating the lawn care rush.

In addition to this demand, spring is coming fast.

Rhode Island winters are harsh, but the warmer March weather will be rushing in soon (that’s only one month away!) While it might be impossible to think about a whispy, green lawn in the dead of February, it’s time to get prepared for that milder climate.

Whether the groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter or not, we never really know when the winter weather is going to officially let up. Some climatologists have seen a trend of earlier, warmer springs throughout the United States, so it’s safe to say that spring might come sooner than expected.

In fact, Rhode Island is among the fastest warming states in the U.S., largely due to being on the East Coast, where the warming is occurring the most in the nation. Now is better than ever to prepare for your lawn’s spring growth.

Get ahead in your spring lawn care.

As soon as the frost thaws, your grass is preparing to thrive once again — but after a raging winter, it probably needs a little boost. Heavy snow and harsh freezes can damage your lawn, which is why early lawn nurturing is essential. Proper spring care can reverse winter damage and encourage growth as the warmer seasons progress.

Most programs offer early spring fertilizer that gives your turf extra nutrients so it starts the year off flourishing. Spring fertilizer offers exactly what your grass needs: a healthy dose of nitrogen, and potassium. The nitrogen in fertilizer promotes the production of chlorophyll, so your turf will remain strong and vibrant green. Potassium is equally important because it aids the roots in water and nutrient uptake. Early Spring is also the time to apply the Crabgrass Preventer. We put down crabgrass preventer before crabgrass has a chance to germinate late spring or early summer.

There’s no better way to jump-start your grass’s growth than joining a lawn care program. Instead of anxiously searching for lawn care in several months, you can mark the dates on your calendar in assurance today. You can also check out our services here: https://missiongreenservices.com/lawn-services/

Help will be there year-round.

Lawn care programs are the best way to ensure that your grass has protection and prospers every season. Much like regular doctor visits, lawn care specialists will monitor your lawn several times throughout the year so no issues go unnoticed. From spring to late autumn, your grass will have a defense system against weeds, pests, and diseases.

It’s never too early to find a lawn care program that’s right for you. It’s a year-round benefit that saves you time and nurtures your grass to the fullest extent. For a limited time, get 2 FREE treatments when you purchase MissionGreen’s full Lawn Care Service program.

Want to learn more about what MissionGreen’s lawn care program can offer you this spring? Email us at getgreen@missiongreenservices.com or call us at (413) 998-7829 or (401) 475-9884 to get started TODAY.