“It’s winter, there is snow on the ground…how do you guys keep busy?” This is the question I get asked quite often when I speak with customers. Here’s some insight on what a lawn care company, like ourselves, might do during the winter months.

Inspect and tag:

During this downtime, we go through all our equipment and visibly inspect and tag each piece of equipment with very specific needs and attention. We do this so that when it’s time to fix or replace parts we can budget accordingly. Preventative maintenance goes along way and not taking care of the equipment would result in downtime and in turn may cause poor results and affect the way we service our customers. We take pride in our equipment maintenance and upkeep!

Calibration is vital:

Equipment calibration is very important in the lawn care industry. After we complete any repairs and maintenance, the next winter project is making sure our equipment is carefully calibrated to ensure proper output of product. Proper calibration is key so that each piece of equipment puts out the exact amount of product needed to provide the superior results we are committed to. Doing these steps will ultimately help provide our customers with a beautiful lawn as you would expect from a professional lawn care company. Your Lawn is Our Mission.


Another use of time during the winter months is carved out for research! We spend lots of time reviewing the newest and most effective equipment and products on the market. We network with our industry peers around the country to better understand trends. Our goal is to always find ways to improve our performance in the field and ultimately provide the best customer experience.

In-Season Weekly Maintenance Schedules:

We have strict weekly maintenance schedules for all the equipment. At the end of each week the lawn technicians and pest technicians have a form to fill out with each piece of equipment to ensure they are perfectly working. Our Lawn Technicians take pride in their equipment and take pride in every lawn that we treat. Since the pandemic has started you may have noticed, in your daily lives, delays in receiving products and goods. Well, we have adjusted to this and make sure all parts and equipment that is needed is ordered far in advanced to avoid any disruptions to our customers. This goes with our trucks as well. We must order the trucks that we need for the up-coming season 5-7 months in advance.

There’s an old saying often credited to Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail”.

– Jason Thorpe, Branch Manager