What is Core Aeration and Overseeding?


What exactly is Core Aeration? Core aeration is the mechanical process of which we pull thumb size cores out of the lawn. This allows air and water movement through the soil as well as helping to decompose thatch. The cores left on the lawn surface will break down and act as a top dressing for lawn. Why is Core Aeration so important? Just like any live organism, your grass (roots) [...]

What is Core Aeration and Overseeding?2022-09-15T12:25:33-04:00

Everything you Need To Know About Sod Webworm


Have you ever found your grass chomped on with no suspicious pests in sight? There are many damaging insects in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but few actually shave down grass blades. If you think something is eating your grass, you might have a Sod Webworm situation. What is Sod Webworm? Sod webworm is a destructive insect that feeds on grass blades. While their adult moth form is easy to spot [...]

Everything you Need To Know About Sod Webworm2022-09-01T11:01:40-04:00
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