It’s official: MissionGreen Services is now expanding to Connecticut. With over 30 years of service, we’re ready to care for your lawn like it’s our own. After offering our services to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we’re excited to expand further across New England. We’d love to show you what’s in store for your Connecticut lawn. MissionGreen Owner and President Mark Kelbacher, who also serves on the board at, is excited to now service CT residents.

We’re finally offering our signature lawn care program to Connecticut residents.

One of our top priorities is protecting your family and the environment. That’s why we’ve designed our signature lawn care program using UMass Extension Best Management Practice guidelines. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally responsible lawn care products that are dependable and safe for your family, including pets!

Our signature lawn care program has all you need to keep your grass thriving year-round. First, we begin the year with an early spring fertilizer that rejuvenates your lawn and promotes a quick green-up after a long, hard winter. Then, we nourish your turf with slow-release fertilizer blends designed for each season. Finally, we apply a potassium fertilizer to improve drought resistance and strengthen your lawn with no risk of burning your grass.

Our lawn care program also includes necessary weed control applications. For example, our broadleaf weed control eliminates several common Connecticut weeds, including dandelions and wild violets. In addition, we specifically put down crabgrass prevention that deters growth before it ever appears. Plus, we don’t hastily put down weed control– we time our applications according to the weed’s life cycle to reduce seed production for long-term results.

We also provide our lawn care program customers with a summer insect control application. When warm weather hits, Chinch Bugs, Billbugs, and Sod Webworm are a few of the many common Connecticut pests plotting to munch on your grass. Damage can occur in no time, so we jump on the problem as soon as it’s identified.

Finally, after three seasons of lush foliage, your lawn will need a pick-me-up before winter. Our signature lawn service program provides all customers with a slow-release winterizer application. This fertilizer is specially formulated to help your lawn resist snow mold and other winter diseases. It also helps your turf bounce back even greener in the spring.

We also offer Our signature All-Natural Mosquito & Tick Service

Although the winter weather is quickly approaching Connecticut, ticks and mosquitos are still well and active. With cases of Lyme disease increasing across New England, all-natural tick control is a tried-and-tested way to reduce your chances of exposure. Our monthly applications will keep your home tick-free and worry-free, so you know your family is safe and in good hands.

Mosquitos are also active throughout November in Connecticut. Not only do they disturb outdoor outings and backyard relaxation, but they also carry insect-borne illnesses. In fact, there have been several West Nile Virus cases across New England in 2022 alone. Our All-Natural Mosquito & Tick Control is a powerful shield against mosquitos. It’s also safe enough for your family to use the lawn right after the application. Plus, with each application, we also provide an inspection and professional insight into the problem.



Our commitment to you.

Our amazing customers are what make MissionGreen great. That’s why we are committed to providing top-tier lawn care services to you and your family. Please take a look at our MG Service Pledge that we uphold daily.

Good service starts with respect. Our lawn care professionals promise to treat your family, home, and property with consideration as we tend to your lawn. From start to finish, we will make sure our communication is clear, and our workspace is clean. After any treatments, we leave your yard better than we found it.

We’re thrilled to now be servicing the Connecticut area. If you’re ready to boost your lawn’s growth and prepare it for winter, get a FREE quote today! Please email us at to learn more about our lawn care services.