Have you ever wondered what seasonal lawn care professionals do during the ‘off-season’? Most of the year, we’re racing around New England, greening lawns and shooing pests for our customers. From spring to fall, our team works around the clock to deliver the best lawn care in the area. However, once winter hits, lawns overwinter and pests go into hiding. So, we have other ways of keeping busy!

While we might not be working within your turf, we’re still operating behind the scenes to deliver the best results possible. During the winter, we already have our eyes on the upcoming lawn care season. Plus, we’re constantly finding ways to improve our services. Our lawn care company is doing four things this winter to stay productive and prepare for the upcoming spring season.

1. We network with other lawn care businesses.

While it may be surprising, we spend the winter months networking because it helps improve our company and services. As a company that works closely with our clients, we’re always looking for ways to modernize our system and make working with us easier. This year, we had the pleasure of attending the Beyond Service User Conference in Orlando, Florida. As a result, some of our partners could experience educational training sessions, attend software boot camp sessions, and even have one-on-one meet-ups with product experts. While we’re not exactly out in the field, networking and growing our knowledge about the lawn care industry helps us offer the best service to you possible.

2. We replace, repair, and maintain equipment.

The off-season is also the perfect time to replace or repair our essential equipment. To ensure that our gear is healthy and functioning at our customers’ properties, we must keep up with routine maintenance. Aerators, seeders, and fertilizer spreaders are a few tools we use daily. On occasion, these tools need a bit of a pick-me-up. For example, if the tines of our aerators wear down or bend, it’s time to replace them. Likewise, our fertilizer spreaders can accumulate a layer of muck, so winter is the ideal time for equipment cleaning. If our equipment needs replacing or repairing, we also get it done in the off-season, so everything’s ready to roll in the spring.

3. We improve our lawn care products.

When the year is over, there’s time to review how our products performed for our customers. As an environmentally sustainable lawn care company, we only settle for the best. That’s why the winter season is the best time to ask questions like “have our products successfully improved our customers’ lawn health across the board?” and “Is there a new pest control or fertilizer product in the market that’ll increase our success rate?” As always, our goal is to find and deliver lawn care applications that are eco-friendly and make your grass prosper. Our efforts include reaching out to our suppliers and ensuring that our products meet the best management practices of the UMASS Extension Turf Program.

4. We prepare for the spring rush.

Finally, our biggest goal in the winter is to prepare for the busy spring season. To make the transition to the next season smooth for our customers and us, we invite customers to join our seasonal lawn care program. The off-season is a great time to introduce new people to our lawn care program—that way, our customers know exactly what their lawns are getting before the season starts. Plus, planning services ahead of time helps us provide timely, productive lawn care beginning in the early spring. In addition, we review our current customers’ lawn care results and feedback. We actively review your lawn’s needs, your lawn care goals, and any other important information that helps us be better next year.

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