Nearly every homeowner is familiar with the common weed, clover. Whether you hunted for four-leaf clovers as a kid or you’ve been battling clover growth in your lawn, you can find this pesky plant everywhere in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Because of its versatility, no lawn is immune to a clover takeover. Since it’s so hardy, dealing with clover growth in your lawn can be a trying business! Instead of pushing yourself to the limit, learn how to effectively get rid of clover in your lawn once and for all. Here are the essentials you need to know about clover prevention and elimination in New England lawns.

How to identify clover in your lawn

The good news is that clover is easy to spot in your yard. Specifically, you’re bound to run into white clover, the most common clover species in the Northeast. White clover is a low-growing, leafy plant that can be identified with leaves in bunches of three that are marked with a jaded, light green triangle across each leaf. When white clover matures, it will produce white flower heads. However, you might also spot red clover growth, which produces bright pink flower heads.

How to prevent clover growth

  • Keep up with regular fertilization. A well-fed lawn is a strong lawn, so the best way to prevent clover in your yard is by having year-round fertilizing services. Providing your turfgrass with essential nutrients like nitrogen makes it more likely to outcompete tricky broadleaf weeds, including clover, dandelions, and broadleaf plantain.
  • Set your lawn mower to a higher setting. Since clover grows low to the ground, letting your lawn stay a little longer can block its access to sunlight. So while your sun is catching the rays, the clover below won’t be able to photosynthesize. Over time, this will weaken the weeds, and your grass will take its place.

At-home methods of clover removal

  • Pulling it out by hand. This would be a much more time-consuming and tedious approach. However, if you choose, small clover patches can be easily dealt with by loosening the soil with a spade and pulling up the whole clover plant. Just be sure to get the clover roots and all, or else it could grow back.

Professional method of clover removal

  • Post-emergent control products. Has the clover completely taken over? It might be time for the lawn experts to step in. Broadleaf weed control is a post-emergent herbicide solution for common leafy weeds like clover. Your local lawn care professionals should apply a control product that tackles tough weeds while leaving your grass untouched. This is the most effective method for removing existing clover patches quickly and precisely.

Reseeding your lawn after removing clover

Once you fight off the clover, you must reseed the remaining bare lawn patches. After all, we want to encourage lawn growth (and no more weeds) as fast as possible! So, after lightly raking the bare spots, disperse the seeds with a seed spreader and immediately fertilize. This way, your grass’s young roots will have an extra boost and grow readily into their new spot. Then, water the seeds twice daily to keep them moist during germination. The new grass growth will block weeds from filling the empty spaces and help your lawn stay dense and strong.

Curb clover growth with broadleaf prevention this spring

Clover is a frustrating weed to combat, but with patience and an educated approach, you’ll be weed-free in no time. There are many DIY and professional methods of clover removal to consider. Above all, regular fertilization, mowing high, and weed control products are key to preventing clover growth in the future. In addition, having a lawn care team on your side is vital to stop clover and other broadleaf weeds from inhabiting your lawn. So before the summer weeds show up, discuss preventative lawn care methods with your local lawn care company.

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