As we go further into the autumn season, the average daily temperatures are dropping, and frost is tipping the grass blades. Since we’ve come to the wintry time of the year, an unexpected snowfall is bound to pop up soon! But the winter season is full of threats to your turf’s health. The University of Massachusetts even warns landowners that 35 to 75% of all lawn maintenance expenses in New England are toward recovery from winter kill, freezing temperature stress, and ice cover. The best way to protect your lawn from pricey winter hazards is to be prepared this fall for the snowy, cold season. So, let’s look at seven tips you can follow to protect your lawn in a Massachusetts winter.

1. Clean your lawn in the fall.

Other than being unsightly, leaf litter and other organic debris are also a breeding ground for winter molds. Fungal diseases feed on damp, decaying organic matter left behind in the fall. Plus, a heavy blanket of leaves traps moisture and creates a habitable environment for mold. To improve your chances of warding off snow molds, it’s important to rake your yard thoroughly and dispose of leaves and branches in plastic bags.

2. Mow low.

To kick off your winter lawn care prep, we recommend trimming your lawn shorter than your usual summer length. While you might let your lawn grow up to four inches in the hotter months, trim your grass to 2-3 inches before the first snowfall. This simple step will prevent your grass from compacting under the weight of a snow blanket and improve air circulation. It will also help your lawn concentrate on an upcoming fertilizer application to promote and bolster root strength and health.

3. Aerate the soil.

Connecticut lawns highly benefit from a last fertilizer application before they slip into dormancy for the winter. However, compaction and thatch can reduce the effectiveness of the product. Aerating the soil before applying a Winterizer improves product absorption and ensures the roots have access to plenty of essential nutrients and carbohydrates to leap out of dormancy come springtime.

4. Apply a Winterizer.

Once your soil is prepared, apply a fertilizer specially designed for root strength and food storage for the coming winter. Your turf’s roots are the holding place for carbohydrates that will jumpstart winter growth, and a winterizer will encourage further root growth and robustness until dormancy. Providing your lawn with critical nutrients and energy in the fall is also valuable in guaranteeing a brighter, fuller spring green-up.

5. Apply a preventative fungicide.

Applying a preventative fungicide before a snowfall can be an effective method to shield your lawn from snow molds. It functions by creating a barrier around the grass blades, preventing the fungal disease from penetrating the tissue and stopping the infection entirely. Preventative fungicide is the most effective when applied right before the onset of snow and reapplied before each snowfall during the season.

6. Continue watering through autumn.

While the temperatures are dropping across New England, your lawn still needs consistent watering to stay healthy. Don’t stop regular watering after the summer; instead, continue supplying your turf with ample amounts of water. Autumn is one of the most active growing seasons for your lawn, so let it pour! Then, once the first frost hits, your lawn will go dormant and will reserve its water for the winter season.

7. Avoid foot traffic.

One of the harshest things on your lawn in the winter is the weight from vehicles and trampling. Often, snow alone won’t damage your lawn. In fact, it provides a protective barrier from dangerous weather conditions! You can reduce stress on your lawn by avoiding foot traffic when possible. When you avoid walking on your lawn, you reduce compaction and the possibility of crushing your grass under the weight.

Shield your North Eastern lawn from winter worries today!

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