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6 Foolproof Steps To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Once And For All


Have you ever noticed a spider-like weed throughout your yard? This may be crabgrass, a tough-as-nails weed that invades homeowner’s luscious lawns. It’s rough to the touch and resistant to force such as uprooting and lawnmowers. While there are many identifying factors for crabgrass, the most obvious is that it is extremely unattractive. Not only is it unsightly, but because each plant produces around 150,000 seeds, it also spreads like [...]

6 Foolproof Steps To Get Rid Of Crabgrass Once And For All2021-04-23T10:16:17-04:00

How To Identify, Treat and Prevent Road Salt Damage To Your Lawn


If you live in areas with frigid temperatures and harsh winter storms, you understand just how much road salt is a lifesaver. When trucks spread this salt among roads, it prevents ice from forming and increases traction on the pavement thus reducing car accidents. However, when the snow melts it carries the dissolved salts downhill and to roadsides. As a result, this salt makes its way to your own lawn. [...]

How To Identify, Treat and Prevent Road Salt Damage To Your Lawn2021-05-06T09:39:18-04:00

Is My Grass Dead Or Dormant?


There’s nothing more alarming than glancing out of your window and discovering the grass in your lawn has seemingly been sucked of life. The condition may be worrisome, but is it truly dead or in a temporary state of dormancy? These questions panic the best of us, so understanding the difference between dead and dormant grass can ease your worry and potentially save you from trying unnecessary and costly solutions. [...]

Is My Grass Dead Or Dormant?2021-04-17T13:07:14-04:00

5 Benefits of a Late Fall Winterizer For Your Lawn


As the cooler season is rolling in, it is important to prepare your lawn for the biting winter weather ahead. The most important step any lawn owner can take to protect their turf is to winterize the lawn. A late winterization is the last fertilizer we apply before the winter. When the cooler weather arrives, the grass goes dormant to preserve both its stored up nutrients and water. This fertilization [...]

5 Benefits of a Late Fall Winterizer For Your Lawn2021-04-19T09:04:44-04:00

Rust Fungus: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat This Common Lawn Disease


Sometimes, the inevitable happens: Even with proper trimming and an attentive lawn care company, a nasty disease may rudely barge in and interfere with the health of your lawn. One of these pathogens that would love to inhabit your grass is rust fungus. Rust is an easily identifiable lawn disease that grows in several climates. While the appearance of the disease may look daunting, there are several practices that will [...]

Rust Fungus: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat This Common Lawn Disease2021-04-19T09:05:25-04:00

Everything You Need To Know About Purslane


Have you ever noticed a fleshy green weed with red stems and yellow blooms rapidly growing along sidewalks or driveways? This weed may be purslane, a succulent that grows in clusters in several climates all around the globe. Some may enjoy this weed in crisp summer salads and see purslane as a delight to have as it grows labor-free. Purslane, for others, can be an unwanted weed that is growing [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Purslane2021-04-19T09:13:54-04:00

Yellow Nutsedge


Have you ever noticed a thin, shiny grass-like weed that grows twice as fast in the lawn after you mow? Good chance you have what is called “Yellow Nutsedge”. What is Nutsedge? Yellow Nutsedge is a summer perennial that really starts to flourish for the Northeast around the 4th of July. It has a triangle stem and when rolled in the fingers can easily be felt. It is lighter in [...]

Yellow Nutsedge2021-04-19T09:12:19-04:00

Poa Annua


Have you noticed a grass that almost resembles wheat growing in the lawn? Well, there’s a good chance that grass is called Poa Annua or Annual Blue Grass. What is Poa Annua?  Poa Annua or annual blue grass is a low growing widespread turf grass. This grass type prefers cooler and wet springs. It has a vivid green or apple green color. When mowed you can often see the seed [...]

Poa Annua2021-04-19T09:09:08-04:00

5 Benefits of the Outdoors to Help You Through Quarantine


May is finally here, but rather than enjoying walks in public or meeting friends, we’re isolated from social interaction. Haven’t we all had enough? At this point, the walls of your house might feel like they're collapsing in on you as you desperately wait for this dreary pandemic to pass. As humans, we have an innate need to be in nature and feel the freshly-sprung grass after an endless, gray [...]

5 Benefits of the Outdoors to Help You Through Quarantine2021-04-19T09:01:24-04:00

Why am I seeing so much moss?


I am seeing a lot more moss this year than in priors years. Why? Well, for one, here in the Northeast we experienced a wet fall, then in winter we had very little snow, but a lot of rain instead. This rain sat on the surface of ground with no place to go. Leap forward to this spring, which has been unseasonably cool and very wet. This is a perfect [...]

Why am I seeing so much moss?2021-04-18T23:24:23-04:00
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