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What is Core Aeration and Overseeding?


What exactly is Core Aeration? Core aeration is the mechanical process of which we pull thumb size cores out of the lawn. This allows air and water movement through the soil as well as helping to decompose thatch. The cores left on the lawn surface will break down and act as a top dressing for lawn. Why is Core Aeration so important? Just like any live organism, your grass (roots) [...]

What is Core Aeration and Overseeding?2022-09-15T12:25:33-04:00

Everything you Need To Know About Sod Webworm


Have you ever found your grass chomped on with no suspicious pests in sight? There are many damaging insects in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but few actually shave down grass blades. If you think something is eating your grass, you might have a Sod Webworm situation. What is Sod Webworm? Sod webworm is a destructive insect that feeds on grass blades. While their adult moth form is easy to spot [...]

Everything you Need To Know About Sod Webworm2022-09-01T11:01:40-04:00

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Grub Damage in Your Lawn


Have you ever seen fat white worms wiggling around in the soil? If you’re squeamish, these critters might be a phobia of yours. These creatures, known best as grubs, can be found in nearly every Rhode Island and Massachusetts lawn. In fact, they are not worms at all. Instead, they are the larvae of several beetle species that live for roughly a year underground until they mature into their final [...]

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Grub Damage in Your Lawn2022-07-11T12:40:06-04:00

Everything You Need To Know About Chinch Bugs


With summer approaching, the last thing you want to deal with is lawn pests. One of the most destructive lawn pests in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is the chinch bug. While tiny in size, a swarm of these insects can kill entire lawns if they go unnoticed. Chinch bugs are small but pack a big punch. We want to make sure that if chinch bugs invade your yard, you’re informed [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Chinch Bugs2022-06-21T12:09:41-04:00

When is it time to put down Crabgrass Prevention?


Late May is the time when Western Massachusetts and Rhode Island see one particular infamous weed take over fields, gardens, and lawns in the blink of an eye. Crabgrass is a tough menace; it has strong, gripping roots and thick blades that make it resistant to damage. While the roots are shallow, this weed can live in the most uninhabitable environments like bare soil and between cracks in concrete. Crabgrass [...]

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How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring In 5 Simple Steps?


We often get asked, “how do I prepare my lawn for spring?” Well, there’s no better time to get started than now! It's time to wake your grass up from its New England winter slumber and revive it to its strongest state. Did you know that a 5,000 sq ft lawn can produce enough fresh oxygen daily to sustain 14-34 people? This is one of the many reasons why having [...]

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring In 5 Simple Steps?2022-03-24T09:50:40-04:00

How much does professional lawn care cost?


Before you start shopping around this spring, you’re probably wondering “how much is it going to cost me for a fertilizer program?” The first question does not have a simple answer. There are many factors that affect the cost of a fertilizer program. What is the size of your lawn? This is the very first step to pricing and is pretty easy! When a customer calls for prices, the first [...]

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What does MissionGreen Services do over the winter?


"It's winter, there is snow on the ground…how do you guys keep busy?" This is the question I get asked quite often when I speak with customers. Here's some insight on what a lawn care company, like ourselves, might do during the winter months. Inspect and tag: During this downtime, we go through all our equipment and visibly inspect and tag each piece of equipment with very specific needs and [...]

What does MissionGreen Services do over the winter?2022-03-03T14:04:25-05:00

Why should I purchase my lawn care services in the Winter?


"It's Winter! Why would I think about lawn care?" Working in the lawn care industry in the Northeast, we hear this question often! Winters in Rhode Island and Massachusetts aren't for the faint of heart, but Spring approaches quickly. Next thing you know, dandelions are popping up and you're tuning up your mower. As a consumer myself, I find that after the holidays I have a sigh of relief. Then [...]

Why should I purchase my lawn care services in the Winter?2022-02-11T09:49:33-05:00

Lawn Care Services in Rhode Island


Each and every year, as we get closer to spring, we always get asked, "What towns do you service in Rhode Island?" As a local, small business, people might be surprised to find out the radius of towns we office for lawn care services in Rhode Island. Very simply, we service all of Rhode Island, except Block Island. MissionGreen provides lawn fertilization to the following towns: Barrington, Bristol, Burrillville, Charlestown, [...]

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