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Asian Ladybeetles Versus Ladybugs: What’s The Difference?


In the winter, homeowners face their nemesis across Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts: the invading Asian ladybeetle. These insects find shelter in warmer environments, such as your home, when temperatures drop. In the middle of winter, you might find several of them crawling near your windows, doors, and on your ceiling. However, many blame this invasion on a beneficial and harmless lookalike, the ladybug. Ladybeetles are a nuisance in many [...]

Asian Ladybeetles Versus Ladybugs: What’s The Difference?2023-01-11T10:16:30-05:00

9 Best Flower Varieties To Plant In New England Spring


While the dreary winter surges on in New England, there is much you can do to prepare for a lively spring yard. Gardening is not secluded to only the warm months. In fact, several popular flower varieties thrive when their seeds, bulbs, and tubers are planted soon after the last winter freeze. From hanging plants to garden beds, these flower varieties will awaken your home and yard from a bitter [...]

9 Best Flower Varieties To Plant In New England Spring2021-04-27T14:26:53-04:00

5 Benefits of the Outdoors to Help You Through Quarantine


May is finally here, but rather than enjoying walks in public or meeting friends, we’re isolated from social interaction. Haven’t we all had enough? At this point, the walls of your house might feel like they're collapsing in on you as you desperately wait for this dreary pandemic to pass. As humans, we have an innate need to be in nature and feel the freshly-sprung grass after an endless, gray [...]

5 Benefits of the Outdoors to Help You Through Quarantine2021-05-18T13:59:55-04:00

Winter Damage to Rhododendrons


A cold, windy winter has left many wondering, "what happened to my Rhododendrons? Part of my shrub or most of it looks dead." The harsh cold wind really took a toll and may have caused damage to your Rhododendrons. Don’t rush to replace just yet! There still may be a good chance that these will recover. Monitor it until June before deciding on any pruning. One thing we've noticed in [...]

Winter Damage to Rhododendrons2021-04-18T23:31:56-04:00
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