There is more that goes on behind the scenes during offseason lawn care months than you might guess. Learn more about family friendly, pet friendly options from MissionGreen Lawn Services.

What Do New England Lawn Care Companies Do In The Winter?


Have you ever wondered what seasonal lawn care professionals do during the 'off-season'? Most of the year, we're racing around New England, greening lawns and shooing pests for our customers. From spring to fall, our team works around the clock to deliver the best lawn care in the area. However, once winter hits, lawns overwinter and pests go into hiding. So, we have other ways of keeping busy! While we [...]

What Do New England Lawn Care Companies Do In The Winter?2023-02-14T13:31:06-05:00

What does MissionGreen Services do over the winter?


"It's winter, there is snow on the ground…how do you guys keep busy?" This is the question I get asked quite often when I speak with customers. Here's some insight on what a lawn care company, like ourselves, might do during the winter months. Inspect and tag: During this downtime, we go through all our equipment and visibly inspect and tag each piece of equipment with very specific needs and [...]

What does MissionGreen Services do over the winter?2022-03-03T14:04:25-05:00

Why should I purchase my lawn care services in the Winter?


"It's Winter! Why would I think about lawn care?" Working in the lawn care industry in the Northeast, we hear this question often! Winters in Rhode Island and Massachusetts aren't for the faint of heart, but Spring approaches quickly. Next thing you know, dandelions are popping up and you're tuning up your mower. As a consumer myself, I find that after the holidays I have a sigh of relief. Then [...]

Why should I purchase my lawn care services in the Winter?2022-02-11T09:49:33-05:00

Five Steps To Protect Your Lawn Immediately Before The First Snowfall


Transitioning from mild autumns to frosty winters can be an immense climate difference: we have to put away our tee-shirts and throw on our hefty winter jackets. Without them, we could get sick in the chilling temperatures. Just like us, our grass has different needs with the changing seasons too! The winter arrives with lots of threats to our plants: snow molds, freezing temperatures, and precipitation changes are all challenges [...]

Five Steps To Protect Your Lawn Immediately Before The First Snowfall2021-12-02T10:15:04-05:00

How To Identify, Treat and Prevent Road Salt Damage To Your Lawn


If you live in areas with frigid temperatures and harsh winter storms, you understand just how much road salt is a lifesaver. When trucks spread this salt among roads, it prevents ice from forming and increases traction on the pavement thus reducing car accidents. However, when the snow melts it carries the dissolved salts downhill and to roadsides. As a result, this salt makes its way to your own lawn. [...]

How To Identify, Treat and Prevent Road Salt Damage To Your Lawn2021-05-06T09:39:18-04:00

Is My Grass Dead Or Dormant?


There’s nothing more alarming than glancing out of your window and discovering the grass in your lawn has seemingly been sucked of life. The condition may be worrisome, but is it truly dead or in a temporary state of dormancy? These questions panic the best of us, so understanding the difference between dead and dormant grass can ease your worry and potentially save you from trying unnecessary and costly solutions. [...]

Is My Grass Dead Or Dormant?2021-04-17T13:07:14-04:00

Where Are Ticks In The Winter?


Are ticks still alive in the winter? Even though fall is coming to an end and temperatures have cooled dramatically, this does not mean that the infamous parasites have disappeared completely. Ticks can carry debilitating diseases such as Lyme, so you may have several questions about their whereabouts during the winter season. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In the past, it was much more likely for ticks to go dormant [...]

Where Are Ticks In The Winter?2021-04-17T13:07:34-04:00

5 Benefits of a Late Fall Winterizer For Your Lawn


As the cooler season is rolling in, it is important to prepare your lawn for the biting winter weather ahead. The most important step any lawn owner can take to protect their turf is to winterize the lawn. A late winterization is the last fertilizer we apply before the winter. When the cooler weather arrives, the grass goes dormant to preserve both its stored up nutrients and water. This fertilization [...]

5 Benefits of a Late Fall Winterizer For Your Lawn2021-04-19T09:04:44-04:00

Winter is here… and ticks are still here.


For the past several years, Lyme disease spread by ticks has become increasingly dangerous in the New England area. Ticks are a resilient species that are active for much of the year which often includes the cold weather months. Ticks thrive the most in warm weather, but according to the University of Connecticut Home and Garden Education Center, they can also be active at any temperature above 30℉ (Ticks, 2016). [...]

Winter is here… and ticks are still here.2021-04-19T09:04:10-04:00

Does snow hurt my lawn?


I’m often asked if the snow will hurt the lawn. The short answer, most of the time, is no snow will not hurt your lawn. Why do I say most of the time? Well, if you live in Western Massachusetts this past fall, you would have noticed that the leaves remained on the trees a little longer than in years past. Therefore, if you had leaves fall late and cover [...]

Does snow hurt my lawn?2021-04-18T23:21:53-04:00
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