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There is more that goes on behind the scenes during offseason lawn care months than you might guess. Learn more about family friendly, pet friendly options from MissionGreen Lawn Services.

Mosquitoes During Winter Months


So the snow has arrived, and winter is upon us. No more mosquitoes right? Where have they gone? Did they migrate south for the winter? Maybe heading down to the beaches in Florida, while you are enjoying the outdoor activities like skiing, or sled riding. Understand where mosquitoes go! Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects. This means their body temperatures are determined by the outside temps. So when temperatures reach a [...]

Mosquitoes During Winter Months2021-04-18T23:39:47-04:00

The Plight of Snow Mold


Knowing if you have snow mold New England winters can be a friend or foe depending on who you are. For myself, I love the snow as it means skiing, building a snowman with my young ones, and cozying up by a nice warm fire with a good book. Snow to grasses can cause Grey Snow Mold (Typhula blight). The disease occurs when there is snow on lawns for [...]

The Plight of Snow Mold2021-04-18T23:41:26-04:00
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