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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services. You can browse by topic, but, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to call us or email us!

Scheduling – when is my next treatment going to be?2020-03-31T11:13:10-04:00

Treatments tend to run every 5-6 weeks apart.

What type of products are used and are they safe?2020-03-26T09:54:19-04:00

We use both granular and liquid products. Our products are tested and registered for use by the EPA to apply where people and pets live, work and play. When used according to label directions, these products represent little to no risk. In fact, a healthy lawn and landscape is beneficial for the environment by providing cleaner air, cleaner groundwater and a cooler earth. We leave specific instructions on the invoice, which we place on your door after each application. We send an e-mail before each application to let you know that we are coming that day.

How do I sign up to start my service?2021-03-12T15:33:11-05:00

We have several options to start service. You can call the office at 413-998-7829 (MA) or 401-475-9884 (RI), email or log onto our customer portal.

Do you have any kind of a guarantee? What is it?2020-05-04T15:57:30-04:00

Our guarantee is simple, any time after an application if you are not satisfied, we will come back free of charge.

What is included in the program?2023-05-03T12:21:17-04:00

Our program includes our season-long balanced, slow-release fertilizers, crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control through-out the season. A free surface insect control are also included with the purchase of our full lawn care program.

How did you come up with my price?2020-03-26T11:14:18-04:00

We use special software that allows us to measure only the turf areas of your property. Pricing is based on square footage of your lawn.

How do I pay for my service? Do you offer prepayment options?2023-01-24T11:29:28-05:00

We offer AutoPay, Installment plans, or Prepay with a discount if you pay in full. There are several options to pay for service, including calling in to the office, you can also log onto your customer account through our secure portal.

What is a reasonable expectation from your service?2020-03-26T11:16:08-04:00

We will work hard on providing a healthy, weed-free turf, and through our feedback and recommendations you will see immediate improvement on your lawn.

What makes your service/company different from others?2020-03-26T11:17:12-04:00

Pride and Professionalism. We believe in taking pride in everything we do and maintain the highest professionalism possible while doing so.

Are your technicians certified? What are the certifications?2020-03-26T11:22:52-04:00

Yes, our technicians must be certified through the state. We also provide additional training and requirements to ensure you have the best professional caring for your lawn and landscape.

Do you offer other services besides lawn care?2021-03-12T15:31:04-05:00

We offer an All-Natural Mosquito & Tick control service. We offer a Perimeter Pest program as well as other enhancement services.

How often should I water my lawn?2020-03-26T11:24:33-04:00

Lawn should be watered at least 1 inch per week. This can increase during hotter summers.

How tall should I cut the grass?2020-03-26T11:26:08-04:00

Cool season grasses should be mowed at 2 ½ to 3 inches. Never mowing more than 1/3 of the grass blade.

How do I get rid of moles?2020-03-26T11:26:53-04:00

There are many options on the market today that can assist in removing Moles.

How long should the kids & pets stay off the lawn after treatment?2020-03-26T11:27:26-04:00

Each application may vary, our Lawn Professional will always advise on how long to stay off lawn at the time of visit.

Will the rain wash away my application?2020-03-26T11:28:40-04:00

Too much rain can have a negative impact on the application. Light rain fall is beneficial in moving the product into the soil.

Why do I have dandelions?2020-03-26T11:29:54-04:00

Since there are millions of weed seeds in an average lawn, it is not uncommon that dandelions can germinate in between visits. Dandelions are not prevented, we can only control them when they are actively growing.

Do you have organic weed control?2020-03-26T11:30:33-04:00

There are currently no effective organic weed control products on the market.

Bird and skunks are digging up my lawn. Does that mean I have grubs?2020-03-26T11:31:12-04:00

In many cases this could be a sign of grubs. However worms and other insects can attract. Birds and skunks. We inspect your lawn carefully at the time of each treatment for grubs and other potential problems. For best control of grubs, we recommend our grub control treatment.

Why does my lawn look burnt after I mow?2020-03-26T11:31:49-04:00

One common problem is a dull mower blade. Be sure to check for shredded tips of grass blades. Grass blades are composed of 98%water. When you mow more than 1/3 off the grass blade it can put added stress onto the turf plant. We recommend if you see this to water after mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn during the hottest part of the day can also contribute to discoloration.

Why does my lawn have a reddish tint to it?2020-03-26T11:32:21-04:00

Depending on the time of year, this can be Red Thread or even Pink Snow Mold in the lawn. These are both cosmetic diseases then tend to grow out on their own.

Will the application affect my well water?2020-03-26T11:32:52-04:00

Our products are only utilized by the top 4” of your soil. Most wells are several hundred feet deep, so you have nothing to worry about. A healthy robust, lawn is second only to a forest soil in its ability to filter out natural pollutants from the environment before they can make it to the aquifer. Our lawn care program will enhance the amount of pollutants that are filtered, not the opposite.

I live on the water, will the treatment contaminate it?2020-03-26T11:33:27-04:00

A thick healthy lawn acts as a filter to preserve and enhance the quality of surface and ground water. It also will help prevent soil erosion.

How long after treatment can I mow?2020-03-26T11:35:23-04:00

24 hours after any application.

If I bag my clippings will it suck up the fertilizer?2020-03-26T11:35:52-04:00

The pelletized fertilizer will not be disturbed the mower.

Should I bag my clippings or mulch them into the lawn?2020-03-26T11:36:35-04:00

As long as you are never mowing more than 1/3 of the grass blade it is recommended to mulch them back into the lawn. This provides free nutrients back into the lawn. On occasion you may want to bag your clippings, for instance if the grass got really long between mowings. If there is disease present in the turf,removing the clippings may help to reduce the spread of some diseases.

I have a lot of Japanese beetles, does that mean my lawn has grubs?2020-03-26T11:37:04-04:00

No, however I would recommend applying a Grub Prevention as the chances of having grubs greatly increases with the presence of Japanese Beetles.

Why do I have moss?2020-03-26T11:37:30-04:00

Excessive Shade and poor water and air circulation are the primary factors causing moss growth.

Should I dethatch my lawn?2020-03-26T11:37:57-04:00

If thatch exceeds ½ inch, we recommend either Core Aeration or Dethatching. These should be done around September.

Why can’t I grow grass under my trees?2020-03-26T11:38:22-04:00

Growing grass directly under trees can be very difficult. Lack of sunlight and a shallow root system prevent the grass plant from establishing itself.

Is it too late to put down pre-emergent if the forsythias have already bloomed?2020-03-26T11:39:47-04:00

Forsythias bloom by air temperature and sunlight, while crabgrass germination is based solely on soil temperature. At 55 degree soil temperatures, we will see crabgrass start to germinate.

How does it work? How long will it last?2020-09-01T14:49:28-04:00

We use an All Natural product that is applied around the house, under the decks, in shrub beds and around the perimeter of the property including any other areas where ticks and mosquitoes may harbor. This application typically will last 21-25 days.

How is it applied?2020-03-26T11:41:15-04:00

We use a few different methods of application, the most common is a mist blower. Our Pest Manager will determine the best method of application to ensure the best efficacy on your property.

Is there a granular form for Mosquito & Tick Control?2020-03-26T11:41:45-04:00

Yes, however when it comes to controlling and repelling mosquitoes and ticks, liquid applications are superior.

Is it applied to the perimeter only or in entire turf grass areas? Can it be applied in Tree/Shrubs/Mulch beds?2020-03-26T11:42:21-04:00

Typically, both mosquitoes and ticks will not harbor in open sunny areas of the turf. There are times when our Pest Professional will apply to areas of the turf when they determine there could be a high risk for both Ticks and Mosquitoes. We do treat in the shrub beds and mulch beds as this is a great hiding spot for young ticks and mosquitoes.

Why am I still seeing Mosquitoes & Ticks?2020-03-26T11:42:57-04:00

There can be a number of factors on why you are still seeing both Mosquitoes and Ticks. For example: Weather is a big factor, if we receive heavy downpours of rain and then a few days later its sunny and warm, this will cause a nice breeding ground for mosquitoes. Heavy populations of ticks can also require more frequent or repeat applications.

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