Florence, Massachusetts

MissionGreen Services is proud to service the community of Florence, Massachusetts, offering a Lawn Care Service that’s pet friendly, family friendly and safe for the environment, as well as a Pest Service Program that helps protect your home and landscape from a variety of invasive pests including Mosquitoes, Ticks, Spiders and more. Enter below for your FREE quote today!

“From the very early days of Northampton till 1847, the locality now called Florence was known as “Broughton’s Meadow.” Soon after 1810 another name was applied commonly to this region, namely the “Warner School District.” The Northampton Association of Education and Industry was started in 1842, and while it existed, the common term given to the settlement was “The Community.” In 1848 these three names gave way to Bensonville, and when two years later Mr. Benson failed, and the old appellation became objectionable, the village was called Greenville, from the new cotton company.

Florence was the filming location for the 1999 movie, “In Dreams.” Landmarks include the Miss Florence Diner, a 1950s style diner famous for its milkshakes and pies, as well as Cooper’s Corner. Many areas of Florence have undergone renovations in the recent past, with former factories now playing host to art studios and small retail stores.”

– from Wikipedia, Florence, MA

Florence, MA
Northampton, MA

Lawn care that’s environmentally friendly!

At MissionGreen, we care as much about your property in Florence, MA as you do! We always use the safest products, and we always comply with proper application techniques. In addition, our commitment to a healthy environment means we stay informed about new and improving technology. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a safe, healthy environment around your home. Try the MissionGreen way for a pet friendly, family friendly lawn care service you can trust.

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    Mark Kelbacher

    Mark Kelbacher, Owner
    MissionGreen Services

    Lawn care has come a long way since I began in this business over thirty years ago. Today, the best companies understand that lawn care is really environmental stewardship.

    Like you, I have a family and we love playing outside. So, when I talk about lawn care, I mean keeping your lawn healthy so you can enjoy it, while keeping your family safe so they can play on it.

    I care deeply about the environment and our community. That’s why my company, MissionGreen, is a proud member of NALP and MALCP. And that’s why I give back to our dedicated military families through Project Evergreen.

    When it comes right down to it, I’m all about service. I hope you will give me a chance to serve you, too.