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The MissionGreen Lawn Care Program
is unlike any other.

We are proud to follow Best Management Practices for turf as developed and published by UMass Extension. Our program provides outstanding results, with a positive environmental impact.

Being environmentally responsible, our lawn fertilizer service applies nutrients and pest control products when they are needed most by your lawn. For example, we adjust the type and rate of fertilizers on drought stressed lawns. This can result in harmful runoff and excess nitrogen in the environment, and that can cascade into algae blooms in lakes and oceans, harming wildlife.

Our experience shows that you can have it all; a beautiful, lush lawn, and a positive impact on the environment. A healthy lawn actually absorbs carbon dioxide and pollutants. It provides oxygen, and a cooler play surface for your kids and pets. So start the year with the MissionGreen Lawn Care Program.

Early Spring

Early spring fertilizer will jump start your lawn as temperatures start to warm up. This application will provide the necessary nutrients for quick green-up, and build a strong healthy root system.

Crabgrass Control
A crabgrass control is applied to your lawn prior to crabgrass germination. This will help prevent ugly crabgrass from invading your lawn. Learn more >

Broadleaf Weed Control
We attack weeds right as they germinate. Spring is the best time to control broadleaf weeds. With cooler temps and sunny days, we can expect to control most weeds in a single application. This allows MissionGreen to only spot-treat weeds as needed for the remainder of the year. Learn More >

Late Spring

Building off the early spring application, we will apply a balanced, slow release fertilizer to sustain deep green color and a strong, healthy root system over the summer months.

Broadleaf Weed Control
More stubborn weeds may germinate as we go into late spring. We will inspect and treat as needed to maximize control. This is usually the time we start to see those ugly yellow heads from dandelions. This application is geared to control those weeds and many others. Learn More >

Crabgrass Booster Control If purchased, we will apply crabgrass booster control treatment to your lawn during this visit! Research shows split applications of crabgrass control increases the efficacy of prevention. Learn more >

Early Summer

High Potassium
Potassium is an essential nutrient and is required in large amounts for proper growth and health of a turf grass plant. It is second only to nitrogen when it comes to nutrients needed for the quality of plants and grass. Potassium is also known to improve drought resistance with no risk to burning your lawn.

Surface Insect Control (No Charge with purchase of full lawn care program.)
Surface insects, such as Chinch Bugs, Billbugs, and Sod Webworm can inflict serious damage to slow growing turf during the hot summer months. Our summer application will include a no charge surface insect control to help maximize the protection of your lawn. Learn more >

Late Summer

This application of late summer fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer to help lawns start the recovery process from summer stress.

Broadleaf Weed Control
Lawn weeds can be a persistent problem for many homeowners and are most commonly found in bare and thin areas of your lawn. While the best defense from weed infestation is to have healthy thick turf, it is often necessary to treat for broadleaf weeds when they appear. MissionGreen uses a special summer weed control to effectively provide exceptional control for these weeds plus many more. Learn more >

Early Fall

This special fertilizer is designed to help lawns recover from summer stress. A good 2 to 1 ratio means you will receive the right amount of nitrogen to encourage color, health and vigor of the lawn and the right amount of potassium to store carbohydrates.

Broadleaf Weed Control
Fall is the best time to control any remaining weeds in the lawns. We will inspect and treat as needed to ensure your lawn goes into the Winter months, weed free. Learn more >

Late Fall

In the fall, grass plants use the starches and sugars they manufacture to develop their roots for the next season. By fertilizing late in the season, we can exploit this natural phenomenon to our advantage, creating a healthier lawn. Our Winterizer treatment is a slow-release blend which becomes stored in the roots to promote an early spring green-up. This treatment is specially formulated to help protect your lawn against winter kill and snow mold disease.

Additional Services

Grub Proofing
White Grubs are the larvae of several different beetles, including Japanese Beetles. The beetles lay their eggs in late Summer, and they hatch in early to late Fall. Left untreated, grubs can devastate a lawn in just a few days. This application will help prevent grubs from hatching, thus protecting your lawn all season long. Learn more >

Lime Treatment
Maintaining a healthy pH balance is an important part of creating a sustainable lawn. This will improve microbial activity in the soil, allowing fertilizer and control products to work their best. Learn more >

Soil Testing
Soil testing is essential to providing a healthy lawn. This is why MissionGreen Services will perform a soil test with the first treatment. We will pull random samples throughout the lawn and send them to an independent lab that specializes in analyzing soil for growing a healthy lawn. Once we receive the results from the lab, we will review them with you to discuss any changes or additions necessary to balance your soil.

Wetting Agent
Wetting Agents (Surfactants) contribute to a more environmentally friendly model for turf management by requiring less irrigation input to maintain the beauty and vigor of your lawn. Better water management enhances the benefits of all other maintenance programs. Reduced water consumption helps conserve water and protects valuable water resources by reducing the potential for runoff and leaching. We recommend 3 treatments for best results.

Core Aeration
Core aeration is the mechanical process by which we remove small cores from the turf. This will provide small holes in the lawn to allow for better air, water and nutrient penetration to the grass root system. Core aeration will help reduce soil compaction, which allows roots to naturally spread, providing a thick turf. MissionGreen recommends doing this every year. Learn more >

Overseeding is a process by which we broadcast grass seed during the aeration process. The seed will go right into the holes allowing for better germination. By doing this with aeration, we will improve the rate of germination and improve the quality of your turf. Learn more >


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Aeration & Overseeding

Aerating (also called aerification) is the process in which a machine pulls cores from the turf and deposits them back on top of the lawn. This helps prevent soil compaction, which can reduce the spaces within the soil that hold oxygen. Because turf roots need oxygen to grow, compacted soil also results in poor nutrient uptake. It is also a physical barrier to root growth. Healthy, aerated soil is also better for your lawn and the environment.

staygreen aeration

Overseeding is done at the same time as the core aeration to naturally thicken a lawn with new and improved grass types. Overseeding at the time of aeration will significantly improve germination results.

● Aeration will improve air and water movement through the soil.
● Aeration will help roots grow deeper, which provides a stronger healthy grass plant.
● Aeration will help reduce thatch. Excessive thatch in a lawn will prevent nutrients and water from getting down to the roots.
● Aeration will help reduce soil compaction.
● Aeration is a natural way to help provide a thick, healthy turf, thus preventing weeds and crabgrass from germinating.
● Overseeding will improve the overall appearance of your lawn.
● Overseeding will reduce the risk of surface insects and diseases by introducing more tolerant grass species. A healthy lawn is your best defense from invasive pests and disease.
● Overseeding will increase thickness of lawn, thus preventing ugly, broadleaf weeds from germinating.

Prevent Lawn Damage from Starting

Grub infestations can ruin your lawn in no time. Skunks, raccoons and crows will tear up the turf in search of these tasty larvae. So the best strategy is to eliminate the problem before it starts. MissionGreen grub prevention will provide guaranteed season-long control.

Signs you may have grubs:

● Brown patches that easily roll up like a carpet.
● Birds, skunks and raccoons are tearing up your lawn.
● As lawns start to green-up in spring, brown irregular patches may be present.
● Turf feels “spongy” when you walk on it.

Prevent lawn damage from starting.

Maintaining a healthy pH balance is an important part of creating a sustainable lawn. This will improve microbial activity in the soil, allowing fertilizer and control products to work their best.

Your soil’s pH, or acidity level, is one of the most important elements of your lawn care program, and it’s vital to maintaining that lush feel and deep green color. One way to reduce soil acid levels is to apply the correct rate of lime. Applying lime to your lawn will also help it absorb other nutrients, and this promotes more vigorous growth. Lime can increase beneficial bacteria in the soil for added disease resistance.

Since most soils tend to run too acid, MissionGreen recommends at least one treatment every year to maintain adequate pH levels.

● Most lawns grow best in soils that have a pH level of 6 to 7.

● Lawns below 5.5 pH levels are too acid and will not grow well.

● Highly acidic soils do not absorb nutrients effectively.

● Lime adds calcium and magnesium to the soil. These nutrients are important in preserving color and vigor to the turf.

● Lime can nourish beneficial bacteria in the soil, which will help reduce disease in some cases.

● Cool-Season grasses like Kentucky Blue grass grow best in pH levels from 6.5-7.2.

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