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Maintaining a healthy pH balance is an important part of creating a sustainable lawn. This will improve microbial activity in the soil, allowing fertilizer and control products to work their best.


Your soil’s pH, or acidity level, is one of the most important elements of your lawn care program, and it’s vital to maintaining that lush feel and deep green color. One way to reduce soil acid levels is to apply the correct rate of lime. Applying lime to your lawn will also help it absorb other nutrients, and this promotes more vigorous growth. Lime can increase beneficial bacteria in the soil for added disease resistance.


Since most soils tend to run too acid, MissionGreen recommends at least one treatment every year to maintain adequate pH levels.


  • Most lawns grow best in soils that have a pH level of 6 to 7.
  • Lawns below 5.5 pH levels are too acid and will not grow well.
  • Highly acidic soils do not absorb nutrients effectively.
  • Lime adds calcium and magnesium to the soil. These nutrients are important in preserving color and vigor to the turf.
  • Lime can nourish beneficial bacteria in the soil, which will help reduce disease in some cases.
  • Cool-Season grasses like Kentucky Blue grass grow best in pH levels from 6.5-7.2.
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