Does snow hurt my lawn?


I’m often asked if the snow will hurt the lawn. The short answer, most of the time, is no snow will not hurt your lawn. Why do I say most of the time? Well, if you live in Western Massachusetts this past fall, you would have noticed that the leaves remained on the trees a little longer than in years past. Therefore, if you had leaves fall late and cover [...]

Does snow hurt my lawn?2021-04-18T23:21:53-04:00

What’s the orange stuff on my grass & shoes?


I was walking around in my lawn over the weekend and when I was done my shoes were had some orange color on it! Upon seeing this, many homeowners might immediately question, "what's wrong with my lawn?" Being in the lawn care industry for quite some time, I knew right away that it was rust. Let's dive deeper into rust disease and what it means for your lawn. What is [...]

What’s the orange stuff on my grass & shoes?2021-04-17T13:12:40-04:00

How Your Lawn Can Survive a Drought Without Doubt


Droughts can cause detrimental damage to your lawn and garden. So how is your lawn supposed to survive a drought during the summer months? It is important to take these precautionary drought landscaping measures when caring for your yard before a drought occurs. It is likely that during a drought, individuals may feel obligated to over-water their lawns to make up for the lack of natural rainfall that occurs during [...]

How Your Lawn Can Survive a Drought Without Doubt2021-04-18T23:36:10-04:00

Household Tips to Handle Pest Infestation


In order to protect your lawn and garden from pests, try some of these household remedies to deal with your yard infestation. Massachusetts is home to numerous species of pests that can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and garden. Natural and organic solutions are the safest way to get rid of pests in your yard. You want to be sure that the solution you select is nontoxic [...]

Household Tips to Handle Pest Infestation2021-04-16T10:53:51-04:00
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