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What’s that smell? A stink bug, of course!


Have you seen this little critter around your home? It is called the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. It holds true to its name because boy does it smell when you squish it! Now that we are seeing cooler temperatures, they are looking to come inside. Let's take a look at these stink bugs in a little more detail. Why do they smell? Their odor is a defense mechanism so that [...]

What’s that smell? A stink bug, of course!2021-04-18T23:22:04-04:00

Household Tips to Handle Pest Infestation


In order to protect your lawn and garden from pests, try some of these household remedies to deal with your yard infestation. Massachusetts is home to numerous species of pests that can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and garden. Natural and organic solutions are the safest way to get rid of pests in your yard. You want to be sure that the solution you select is nontoxic [...]

Household Tips to Handle Pest Infestation2021-04-16T10:53:51-04:00
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