What’s that smell? A stink bug, of course!


Have you seen this little critter around your home? It is called the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. It holds true to its name because boy does it smell when you squish it! Now that we are seeing cooler temperatures, they are looking to come inside. Let's take a look at these stink bugs in a little more detail. Why do they smell? Their odor is a defense mechanism so that [...]

What’s that smell? A stink bug, of course!2021-04-18T23:22:04-04:00

Why is my lawn turning brown?


It's like clockwork, the weather shifts from a cool wet spring to hot summer days! So the number one question we hear in the lawn business is “Why is my lawn turning brown”? Haven’t we received enough rain, that my lawn shouldn’t have brown spots? Let's take a look at a few reasons why you may be noticing brown spots in your lawn. What is the difference between Drought Stress [...]

Why is my lawn turning brown?2021-04-18T22:02:03-04:00

How to Prevent Grub Damage


Grubs are not uncommon in lawns around the Chicopee, Massachusetts area. However, there are ways that homeowners can deal with grubs before they cause any significant damage. First, you may want to check to see if your lawn may be at risk. How to Check Your Lawn for Grubs If you see any damaged portions of your lawn, try cutting out a square of that area and looking underneath. Grubs [...]

How to Prevent Grub Damage2021-04-18T23:38:50-04:00

Mosquitoes During Winter Months


So the snow has arrived, and winter is upon us. No more mosquitoes right? Where have they gone? Did they migrate south for the winter? Maybe heading down to the beaches in Florida, while you are enjoying the outdoor activities like skiing, or sled riding. Understand where mosquitoes go! Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects. This means their body temperatures are determined by the outside temps. So when temperatures reach a [...]

Mosquitoes During Winter Months2021-04-18T23:39:47-04:00

Growing a Greener Garden


Growing a greener garden I often get asked, how do I grow a more productive garden? The answer isn't that simple. There are a lot of factors that go into growing a greener, more sustainable garden. The first step is identifying where the garden will grow the best. This location should have plenty of sunlight and good drainage. The next thing I like to look for is if there [...]

Growing a Greener Garden2021-04-18T23:41:39-04:00
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