Does snow hurt my lawn?


I’m often asked if the snow will hurt the lawn. The short answer, most of the time, is no snow will not hurt your lawn. Why do I say most of the time? Well, if you live in Western Massachusetts this past fall, you would have noticed that the leaves remained on the trees a little longer than in years past. Therefore, if you had leaves fall late and cover [...]

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What happens in the off season?


Being in the lawn care industry, especially in the Northeast, I often get asked, “What do you guys do during the offseason?” Well, that’s a great question! There is more that goes on behind the scenes during offseason lawn care months than you might guess. I’ll start off by saying, the first thing is we take a deep breath and book a trip South! I wish! Contrary to belief, unlike [...]

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Winter Lawn Care Tips


During this time of year, we are often preparing for winter weather conditions such as ice, snow and colder temperatures. We bring out the ice scraper, shovel, hat, and mittens. Lawn care is at the very back of our minds, especially knowing it's more than likely we won't see our lawn until late March if we're lucky! That doesn't mean we should forget about it. Below we've highlighted winter lawn [...]

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Fixing Plow Damage


Winter can be long and hard to your landscape and lawn. While snow plows make it easy to remove snow from your driveway sometimes damage may occur. This is more common than you may realize. In defense to the ones who snow plow, sometimes when we receive a lot of snow at one time it becomes difficult to know where the lawn begins and where it ends. Never-the-less the [...]

Fixing Plow Damage2021-04-18T23:39:14-04:00

Lawn Care in the Winter?


Why would I order lawn service when there is still snow on the ground? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that in my career, I could retire.  As you know, time seems to fly; we are distracted with many other obligations that usually take precedence over buying lawn service. So, why should a homeowner act now? The first issue is timing.  February is upon us [...]

Lawn Care in the Winter?2021-04-18T23:39:28-04:00

The Plight of Snow Mold


Knowing if you have snow mold New England winters can be a friend or foe depending on who you are. For myself, I love the snow as it means skiing, building a snowman with my young ones, and cozying up by a nice warm fire with a good book. Snow to grasses can cause Grey Snow Mold (Typhula blight). The disease occurs when there is snow on lawns for [...]

The Plight of Snow Mold2021-04-18T23:41:26-04:00
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