The Importance of Fall Feeding In Your New England Lawn Care

One of the tremendous advantages of the fall season is the mild temperatures and increased rain. Your lawn might even be looking its best! However, fall fertilization is essential to maintain this lush appearance and hardiness. Fall fertilization comes down to one significant advantage: It builds long-term resilience. So consider these factors when looking into your lawn care for autumn and why you should invest in a fall fertilizer application before winter.

My lawn looks great – why should I invest in fall fertilizing?

If your lawn looks pristine, that’s fantastic! Fall is a much more tolerable season for New England lawns, so your grass might look exceptionally green and lush recently. While your lawn might be looking its best now, fall fertilizer is still a must for the health and vitality of your turf grass. Feeding your lawn with essential nutrients on a consistent, seasonal schedule is like a person choosing to eat healthy. It has long-term benefits that will impact the appearance and health of your lawn for years to come. By investing in your lawn’s health now, you’ll spend less time and money remedying health issues in the future.

How New England climate impacts fall feeding.

To fully understand the importance of fall feedings, it’s also essential to understand your region’s climate. Your area has specific climate and soil conditions that make autumn fertilizer applications valuable. Fall in New England comes with cooler temperatures that relieve your lawn of the summer stress. With the milder climate, your lawn can uptake nutrients more efficiently, making autumn the perfect time to fertilize. New England winters also come with winter challenges. Snowfall, rock salt, or plows may cause damage to lawns, but investing in a fall fertilizer application improves your grass’s defenses against freezing temperatures and blankets of snow.

The benefits of fall feeding in New England.

Fall fertilization offers a wealth of benefits to your Massachusetts lawn. Let’s delve into these advantages in more detail to discover how final fall fertilization can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your yard.

  • Increased immunity against snow mold. Winter climates in New England bring about several lawn diseases, including snow molds that penetrate the foliage of your grass. A final boost of nutrients encourages thicker cell walls that naturally defend against snow molds.
  • Improved spring green-up. Searching for ways to achieve a beautiful lawn earlier in the spring? Fall fertilizing encourages an early and impressive spring green-up by supplying your grass with food storage over the winter. Once the weather warms in spring, your grass can bounce quickly out of dormancy with the help of stored nitrogen packed in the roots.
  • Increased hardiness in the harsh winters. New England winters can surprise lawn owners with heavy snowfalls and fluctuating temperatures. Fall fertilizing strengthens the grassroots to withstand the harsh winters and boosts nutrient uptake before the cold sets in. Even through blizzard conditions, your lawn will have a more powerful defense.

Professional vs. DIY New England lawn care: what’s the difference?

For some families, investing in professional lawn care is the best way to go. For others, managing their own lawn care saves money. As experts in New England lawn maintenance, we highly encourage homeowners to choose lawn care by certified professionals. But before deciding for yourself, let’s break down the benefits of professional lawn care.

  • Expertise and experience. Lawn care professionals are educated in regional lawn needs, grass types, lawn treatments, pests and diseases, and more essentials that make their work efficient and accurate. Lawn care technicians are reliable sources of information and labor that prevent mistakes in DIY lawn care.
  • Access to specialized equipment. Lawn care companies are equipped with expensive, specialized equipment that makes fertilizer applications evenly applied with accurate measurements. You can save money on essential equipment by opting for a lawn care company.
  • Conveniently saves time. Researching lawn needs, shopping for fertilizers, and applying the product takes up a significant amount of time that could otherwise be spent working or with family. A lawn care team has done this job thousands of times and can complete the job within no time.

Choosing DIY lawn care can be an ideal method to learn more about your lawn’s needs! However, it can also be a great learning curve and time commitment. Lawn management requires plenty of education and research specific to your region and grass type. So, always weigh the options before leaping into DIY lawn care.

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